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Moral Reconation Therapy – Altoona

Moral reconation therapy (MRT) is a type of behavioral therapy used to treat drug and alcohol abuse. This type of therapy has become popular in some treatment environments, where it is used to enhance the behavioral growth of patients following possible detox and medical treatment.

Since its introduction in 1985, this therapy method has evolved to become an adaptable and utilitarian treatment system for a wide range of drug and alcohol abuse disorders.

MRT has been tested widely among the treatment-resistant population, and has become a robust and flexible treatment option for a number of treatment centers in the United States. If you are seeking this treatment or other rehab options, call Drug Treatment Centers Altoona at (814) 414-4403.

What is Moral Reconation Therapy?

Moral reconation therapy is a systematic treatment strategy that attempts to build character through enhancing moral reasoning and behavior. Designed to work with patients either individually or in a group scenario, MRT is designed to enhance core social, moral and behavioral growth.

Re-education plays an important role in MRT, with patients taken through a number or steps to help them develop a strong sense of personal and moral identity. MRT uses structured group assignments and exercises to enhance moral reasoning, giving patients the skills they need to make better life choices and get on the road to recovery.

History of Moral Reconation Therapy

MRT was originally developed by Gregory Little and Kenneth Robinson in 1985. Since then, MRT has evolved and developed in many ways, with thousands of patients benefiting from this therapy over the years. Over 120 published reports about moral reconation therapy have been published in the United States.

MRT is now in use in 49 American states and four other countries. MRT has become an essential part of numerous drug and alcohol treatment programs, where it is sometimes combined with detox, medication treatment and other forms of therapy.

Moral Reconation Therapy Steps

MRT uses seven basic treatment steps, with each step of the process an important part of the whole:

  • Patients first have to confront their existing belief patterns, with therapists bringing their existing attitudes and belief structures to the foreground.
  • Patients are then encouraged to analyze the links between their personal attitudes and behaviors, with therapists directing patients to make an assessment of their friendship and family relations.
  • The third step reinforces positive behavior patterns and belief structures, with homework assignments and exercises given to patients to help develop new habits.
  • The fourth step in MRT involves using direct measures to help patients develop a positive identity, with various insights and emotional skills used to set up new lifestyle habits.
  • The fifth step attempts to enhance the individual’s self-concept, with the sixth step directly related to decreasing selfish and hedonistic behavior.
  • · The last step in the MRT process attempts to highlight and develop higher states of mental reasoning, with the patient hopefully coming away with the skills and motivation needed to make different lifestyle choices.

This therapy method plays an integral role in drug and alcohol treatment, helping patients to see beyond their own programming and develop better powers of moral reasoning and control. MRT is used alongside traditional 12-step programs and other behavioral approaches, with patients benefiting from recovery programs in unique ways.

While the initial stages of detox and intervention are an important part of all drug treatment programs, MRT and other therapies give patients the skills and support they need to develop new habits and make better life choices.

To speak with an addiction specialist about this and other treatment options, call Drug Treatment Centers Altoona by dialing (814) 414-4403.

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